Monday, 17 September 2012

Sloe Gin

One of our favourite hedgerow drinks is sloe gin, and now I've noticed that the sloes are ripe, I'm going to start picking them so that we have a bottle ready for Christmas.

The amount of sugar that can be added to the sloes and gin varies according to personal taste.  I'm quite generous with the sugar in this recipe (and have added even more in the past), but if you prefer a drier drink, then reduce the amount.  I also don't buy expensive gin, because I find the sloes overwhelm the taste of the gin anyway. 

Sloe Gin

You'll need:

1lb sloes
1 pint gin
8oz sugar (or 4-6oz sugar if you think you'd prefer a drier drink)


1.  Wash the sloes and prick them to split the skins (I use a clean needle).
2.   Put the sloes into a large, sterilised bottle or jar with a top that can be sealed.
3.   Add the sugar.
4.   Pour in the gin.
5.   Keep the bottle/jar in a dark cupboard and shake well once a week to help dissolve the sugar.

The sloe gin will be ready after three months.  Strain through muslin into sterilised bottles/jars and drink.

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