Sunday, 19 August 2012

Running our Land Rover on Waste Vegetable Oil

Six years ago David set up the Land Rover to run on used, waste vegetable oil.  It's greener and saves money.  Travelling behind the Land Rover is a bit like following a mobile chip shop, but that's a great improvement on the suffocating stench of diesel fumes. 

The Land Rover is a 1988 130 double cab tipper.  It now has two tanks to hold oil and diesel, because although it is running on oil it always starts on diesel until the engine reaches temperature.  When it does so (after about two miles), it switches to vegetable oil which it takes from the second tank.  It is then a simple case of switching back to diesel about two miles before getting home in the evening to make sure that the Land Rover starts after a cold night.  To date, the Land Rover has done over 90,000 miles on vegetable oil with no major problems.  The 300 TDI engine has done 251,000 miles.

Looking at the photo there is a heat exchanger to heat the vegetable oil which is connected into the heater pipes.  There is a three way solenoid valve wired to a switch on the dash.  The system is very simple and reliable and has been a success, saving money (about £200 a month). 

The heat exchanger can be seen at the top of the photo
and the solenoid valve is bottom left.

David gets the oil from two local cafes, and he has to produce a waste licence to collect it.

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