Friday, 17 August 2012

A Wizard Wood Carving

In the centre of the new barn, we placed a large, yew trunk that we'd come across years ago.  At first, it stood like a central pillar, but now it has been set into a dividing wall with windows.

We always wanted the yew carved, and so when we met Simon, a woodcarver from Wales, at a local country show, we asked him to come and use his imagination on this piece of wood.  A few months later Simon arrived and assessed the shape of the trunk and began to carve using a chain saw.  And very quickly, a wizard's face began to emerge from the rich, red-brown of the yew's wood.

The wizard is stern-faced and fierce; his is linked to a folk tale about turning a princess (who disobeyed him) into an owl.  So the wizard just balances an owl on his fingers and they are both surrounded by flowers.  The wizard kind of acts, now, as the barn's watching spirit.


  1. I know this is an old post but the wizard carving is absolutely amazing!

    1. Thanks so much. Now we've converted the barn, the wizard is now in the kitchen and part of our home!


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